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Under Desk Elliptical Machine f

Under Desk Elliptical Machine f

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Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Legs

Training Site: Foot


Product Description

About this item

  • ABS
  • Imported
  • ✅[Let Machine do Workout for U] Auto Elliptical is designed to help people do more exercise and promote circulation. Simply pedal and power up muscles for people working around the desk or seniors with Arthritis /Parkinsonism. It works automatically and quietly. So you can do working reading or watching tv and also get workout.
  • ✅[Make It Exercise for U] On some rainy or cold snowy days, a good way to get exercise is to use this machine under the desk as a mini exercise equipment. Differs from the desk cycle, it has no hard resistances and cannot train big muscles. But it helps you to keep muscle strength and make joints connected closer in the workout. Just be seated and enjoy pedaling.
  • ✅[Visible Digitals Monitor for U] No matter you are working reading watching tv or teleconferencing, it always works quietly and has no attractions. When the machine works, there is no need to bend, you can just use remote to set to a comfortable speed and direction. How many calories burned, how far distance goes or how long the machine works all you care about are in LCD Monitor.(Remote 2 AAA batteries are NOT INLCUDED)
  • ✅[Promote Circulations for U] Non-slip pedals are not enough for circulations. So Elliptical makes pedals with small raised points ,which help to stimulate feet and promote more circulations than only cycle exercise especially when you peal with bare feet or wearing socks. Also, grab the groove you can move easily or make it to store remote/phone.
  • ✅[Brings To Your Whole Family] This  Under Desk Elliptical Machine is incredibly convenient, whether for personal use or for the whole family. Let's make it an excellent gift for relatives, friends, or seniors. 2-YEAR WARRANTY. Overall Dimensions: 18.12"(L) x 14.18"(W) x 10.24"(H); Product Weight: 15.44 lbs.

ELLIPTICAL MACHINE works automatically when plug in or manually when unplug. It auto works and helps people to get exercises while sitting at work. Everyday 30mins to get energy back with Elliptical and contribute to healthy life.

Auto&Manual Workout All in One

Plugin to start with auto workout with remote and enjoy multi working patterns. No attention needed and just relax and exercise all at the same time. Unplug to start with manual workout and control speed& time at your will(Remote cannot work when unplug).

Home&Office Multi Working Purposes

Busy working and no time for exercises. Meets Elliptical. It allows you to focus on work while doing exercise under desk at the same time. After a long day work and all you want is to rest. Lay down on coach and start Elliptical doing exercise and watch TV.

Remote Control with No Bending

Elliptical machine comes with a convenient remote control. Just plug in and one press button to set to your fit working mode. Change to a different direction speed readers and working pattern all in this smart remote control. So convenient.

LCD Shows Details You Care

LCD displays remaining time (preset 30mins), distance, speed, counter, calories, working pattern. It displays readers in a cycle of few seconds.

Shiatsu Pedals Comfort Feet

Both sides are set with Shiatsu pedal. When the machine is working, the pedal will stimulate feet muscles and helps with circulation.

Skidproof Bottom& Stability

There are four defined sponges set in the bottom to hance the stability and no skidding. No running away when machine is working.

Silent Wheel Works Quietly

There is no distraction for the machine. Silent Wheels work quietly so you can concentrate on working at office and enjoy TV at home.


Product Description

1.Auto Manual Workout 2 in 1. This Electric Elliptical Machine Works automatically when plug in or manually. It auto works and helps people to get exercises while sitting at work .
2.Auto workout improves better body circulation in legs and feet, keeps pain away and gets energy back. It makes working and exercise at the same time.
3.Easy to USE. Plug cord in, put feet on and start exercise forward or backward. Turn on the machine after a long day office work and start exercise about 30mins for health while watching TV on the coach. Preset 4 modes and 5 levels always meet your needs.
4.Smart remote control starts at your hand and there is no trouble bending. It helps especially with leg recovery just one press to begin. (Controller 2 AAA batteries are NOT INLCUDED)
Convenient to store and easy to move. The machine is designed with groove to store remote control when it's working and to move around the house& office.

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