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Professional Soccer Training Pants

Professional Soccer Training Pants

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Material: protective suit

Gender: MEN


Professional Goalkeeper Soccer Training Pants Knee Pad Slim Skinny Football Pants Knee Pads Shin Guard Safety Protective Pants

Bullet Points:

1.Prevent discomfort: These padded football pants are made of cellular foam honeycomb design that can absorb impact and reduce physical harm to your body.
2.Unbeatable Comfort Guaranteed: With EVA foam polyethylene anti-collision particles and high-quality (80% polyester+20% spandex) material, our padded football pants provide unrivaled protection. The moisture-wicking and high-elastic sweat-wicking fabric also ensures utmost comfort during intense games.
3.Ultra-Comfortable: Featuring thick EVA sponge, our padded football pants provide all-round protection for your hips, thighs, calves, and tailbone, relieving you of any discomfort during the game while keeping you safe from potential injuries.
4.Advanced Protection System: These padded football pants can absorb collision forces from the side, thanks to the thickened EVA sponge protective blocks that protect your body. You can enjoy front and side protection at the same time with these pants.
5.Scope of application: For rugby, basketball, soccer, paintball, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, baseball, and all other contact sports, our padded pants provide versatile protection. Feel confident in any applicable scene and stay comfortable while keeping yourself safe.
Protect your knees on the court with our basketball knee pads! Our pads can absorb impact and provide front and side protection, while also offering good coverage for your hips, thighs, calves, and tailbone. Made from moisture-wicking material, they are comfortable to wear and perfect for any basketball scenario.


Product name: Basketball Knee Pads
Colour: Black
Material: EVA
Scope of application: Football goalkeepers and other sports where collisions are possible
Pack list:
Basketball Knee Pads*1

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