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Power Lift Weight Lifting Belt

Power Lift Weight Lifting Belt

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Applicable People: Children

Age: Above 13


Our weight lifting belt provides strong support to help increase your maximum weight and lifting reps, while improving core muscle stability. The waist is made of durable EVA material, ensuring no rust or fading. Perfect for any fitness enthusiast looking to reach their full potential!

Product name: Powerlifting Belt
Color: black, green
Size: S M L XL
Weight: 400g
Material: Nylon
Applicable sports: fitness, weightlifting, waist protection
Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness and beauty, sports trends, others

Pack list:
Powerlifting Belt*1

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1.Lumbar Spine Protection: Our weight lifting belt comes with an innovative double layer waist protection design to ensure the best protection for your waist and spine. It helps prevent injuries, protect the lumbar spine and provide enhanced support for your core during heavy lifting.

2.Break Through Bottlenecks: With our weight lifting belt, you can increase your total training volume, lift more weight and reps, and assist your training. Our belt helps you break through your plateaus and let your muscles be fully exercised.

3.Optimized Performance: Experience improved stability with our weight lifting belt. It applies pressure to your waist and abdomen, promoting a stable core. This can make it easier to exert force and improve movement efficiency and posture, while also enhancing core muscle stability and preventing injuries.

4.Superior Support: This weight lifting belt features a double fit wearing method that allows you to adjust the tightness and fit according to your preference. The waist is made of EVA material that fits the waist curve better and makes protection more thorough. The belt also has good rebound and softness that make it fit and comfortable to wear.

5.Flexible Buckle: The weight lifting belt comes with a strong metal buckle that can be easily rotated to any direction, enabling you to customize the fit and angle of the belt according to your needs. The buckle is also finished with a high-quality electroplating glaze technique, which improves its strength and beauty.


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