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Mini Portable Electromagnetic Body Shaping Machine

Mini Portable Electromagnetic Body Shaping Machine

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Operation Method: Handheld Type

Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Waist

Training Site: ARMS

Training Site: Legs

Material: EMS Electrostimulation Machine

Product Name: EMS HIEMT Body Slimming Sculpting Machine

Technology: EMS/HIEMT+RF 2 in 1 Slimming

Technology Advantage: No-invasive non-excercise healthy slimming

Advantage: Non-invasive Muscle Stimulation

Treatment Area: Body Arm Waist Abdomen Buttocks Upper Legs

Type: Portable Muscle Stimulation Machine

Feature: Kin Tightening+Skin Rejuvenation+Weight Loss+Build Muscle+Fat Burning+Buttock+Body slimming+Bodyline Sculpting

Voltage: 110V/220V

Application: For Salon+Commercial And Household

Cooling System: Air Cooling

Technology: High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic

Handles: 1Handles


Magnetic thin weight loss effect is very good.

1、 Principle of magnetic thinning and muscle enhancement:

By using the technology of high intensity focused electromagnetic field, through stimulating the nerve, the autogenous muscle continues to expand and contract, and carries out limit training, the muscle can be deeply reshaped, the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement), and new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia) are produced, so as to train and increase the muscle density and volume.

2、 Frequently asked questions about magnetic muscle thinning and weight loss:

1. The trend no longer only pursues thin, but also needs type - sweatless sports - EMSlim magnetic Pome magic hip.

2. In the past, the trend of slimming has focused on reducing fat and weight, but body size is not the key point. With the change of society, the current trend is to pursue perfect body shape. The public pays more attention to their body shape, instead of only focusing on fat and weight loss. A variety of muscle enhancement methods are spread online. However, nowadays, the pace of social life is fast, modern people live a busy life, most people have no time to exercise, and dieting is more harmful.

3. Sometimes the same weight, some people are particularly good. Because of the same weight of fat and muscle, the volume of fat is three times larger than that of muscle! So the difference between thin and fat is not weight, and muscle mass is also one of the important items that dominate the perfect sexy line.

4. Many people lose weight through exercise, but aerobic exercise (such as running) lasts less than 30 minutes, which is not effective. Because the first 30 minutes of exercise consume the water and sugar in the body, and it will not start to consume fat until 30 minutes later.

5. Exercise to lose weight requires a complete plan to get twice the result with half the effort, that is, at least 1-2 hours.

To sum up, magnetic thin weight loss is very effective, and it is also very safe and healthy for our body. Those who need it can try it.

Features and Benefits:
* Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!
* Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
* Suitable for everyone - No anaesthesia - No surgery
* Only a 30 minute walk in walk out procedure
* Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart
* Feels like an intensive workout
* Safe with No downtime
* Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
* 16% average increase in muscle mass
* 19% on average fat reduction

 Customers who do not want to have injections or surgery
Tighten, lift and shape the buttocks to bring women a rounded "Brazilian electric hip"
For customers who are struggling to exercise their buttcks to a new level
Enhance the strength and endurance of the buttocks muscles. Customers who work hard to lift their hips can directly dream of it.

1. Increase in muscle mass up to 33%.
2. Each session is a 30 minute treatment on one particular area of the body. If you're working on multiple body parts, like the abdominal and the buttock areas, that will require two 30 minute sessions. spaced two or three days apart for optimal results.

Using focused magnetic resonance technology→100%limit muscle contraction→can trigger a large amount of lipolysis →fatty acid is broken down from triglyceric acid→accumulate in a large amount in fat cells→make fatty acid concentration too high →adipocyte apoptosis→ Excreted from the body by normal metabolism within 2-4 weeks

Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology→ through stimulation of nerves → continuous expansion and contraction of autologous muscles → extreme training → deep remodeling of muscles→ growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement)→ production of new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscles) Hyperplasia) to train and increase muscle density and volume






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