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Flexibility Training Machine

Flexibility Training Machine

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Material: Steel, PU, PP, EPE

Color: Black

Unfolded Length: 1.6m/5.3ft

Load-bearing Capacity: 100kg/220.46lbs

Stretching Angle: Max. 200°

Recommended Height for People: Below 1.7m/5.58ft

Joint Protection Cushion Size: 26.5*15.5cm/10.3*6in

Backrest Cushion Size: 21*16.5*4cm/8.3*6.5*1.6in

Seat Cushion Size: 30*30cm/11.8*11.8in

Footrest Cushion Size: 44*14.5*4.5cm/17.3*5.7*1.8in

Closed Product Size: 92.5*28*43.8cm/36.4*11*17.2in

Package Size: 97*41*18.8cm/38.2*16.1*7.4in

Net Weight: 9.15kg/20.2lbs

Gross Weight: 10.75kg/23.7lbs


### 🌟 Enhance Your Flexibility with Our Leg Stretcher! 🌟

Stretching is a powerful way to promote physical health by increasing muscle length and joint flexibility. Our leg stretcher helps you relieve fatigue, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance joint mobility, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of stretching at work, school, or leisure. Buy now and make our leg stretcher a part of your healthy lifestyle! 💪🧘‍♀️

#### Key Features:

🔧 **Simple Installation:** Most parts are pre-assembled. Just install the cushions and handwheel, and you’re ready to start stretching!

💺 **Comfortable Design:** The large seat cushion (11.8 x 11.8 in) is made with wear-resistant EPE and softer, breathable PU for prolonged use without discomfort.

⚡ **Effective Stretch:** Stretches muscles, clears veins, accelerates metabolism, prevents injuries, shapes the waist and abdomen, slims arms, tightens the buttocks, and improves leg shape.

🛡️ **Safe to Use:** Features ergonomically designed joint protection cushions to prevent injuries during stretching, ensuring safe use.

🙌 **Hands-Free Training:** The handwheel allows easy adjustment of the extension arm angle (up to 200°) with spiral transmission technology, ensuring no rebound even without hands.

💪 **Universal Fit:** High-quality steel frame and screw connection provide strong load capacity (220.46 lbs) and stable support. Suitable for people under 5.58 ft in height.

🧼 **Easy to Clean:** Steel frame and PU cushions make cleaning effortless – just wipe off stains with a wet cloth.

💯 **Satisfaction Guarantee:** Any problems or questions? Contact us, and we’ll solve them promptly!

#### Additional Details:

- **Universal Wheels:** Anti-slip and mute design fits various grounds without scratching.
- **Reinforced Backrest:** Steel reinforcement ensures stability during use.
- **Round Edges:** Cushion edges are rounded to minimize accidental injury.
- **Operating Sticker:** Eye-catching sticker on the handwheel provides clear operation directions.

#### Specifications:

- **Color:** Black
- **Material:** Steel, PU, PP, EPE
- **Load-bearing Capacity:** 220.46 lbs
- **Recommended Height:** Below 5.58 ft
- **Stretching Angle:** Max. 200°
- **Dimensions:**
  - Joint Protection Cushion: 10.3 x 6 in
  - Backrest Cushion: 8.3 x 6.5 x 1.6 in
  - Seat Cushion: 11.8 x 11.8 in
  - Footrest Cushion: 17.3 x 5.7 x 1.8 in
  - Closed Product: 36.4 x 11 x 17.2 in
  - Unfolded Length: 5.3 ft
  - Package Size: 38.2 x 16.1 x 7.4 in
- **Weight:** 
  - Net: 20.2 lbs
  - Gross: 23.7 lbs

#### Package Includes:

1. Leg Stretcher
2. Joint Protection Cushions (2)
3. Backrest Cushion
4. Handwheel
5. Manual
6. Additional Installation Accessories

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