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Fingerless Workout Gloves

Fingerless Workout Gloves

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Material: RUBBER


Protect your hands during intense workouts with our women's gym gloves. Featuring a built-in wrist support wrap, our gloves prevent you from losing control of the bar. The proprietary cutting shape is perfect for heavy lifting exercises. Wear-resistant and durable, our gloves are designed to last.

Product material: leather + nylon + rubber
Product Size: Grip Leather Dimensions: Width 9cm/3.5in; Length 21.5cm/8.4in; Strap Length: 40cm/15.7in
Product size: A size fits all
Product color: brown, gray (optional)

Weight Lifting Gloves x2pcs

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1.Optimal Performance Boost: Achieve your fitness goals with our weight lifting gloves that provide high comfort and improved grip, thanks to the adjustable wrist strap and built-in support wrap.

2.Secure Fit: Build your grip with confidence using our weight lifting gloves. The wrist fastening design ensures firm and comfortable support for your heavy lifts, preventing any loss of control or slips.

3.Maximize Your Gains: Get astounding support and explosive power to target your muscles and execute heavy lift exercises with ease, for ultimate training gains.

4.Advanced Hand Protection: Enjoy maximum hand protection while lifting weights with our weight lifting gloves. The proprietary cutting shape ensures a perfect fit, while the adjustable grip provides ultimate control and security.

5.Long-term Use: With a blend of high-quality PU leather, abrasion-resistant nylon, and durable rubber, our weightlifting gloves provide unmatched comfort and protection for prolonged training session.

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