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Body Slimming Machine

Body Slimming Machine

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Power Source: USB CABLE

Material: Acrylic

Working Principle: RF

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Standard Voltage: 110V

Standard Voltage: 220V

Standard Voltage: 240V

Standard Voltage: 100V


Handles: 2 Handles



Product Description


Portable RF RET CET indiba deep 448 khz Physical Therapy machine for

Weight Loss Indiba



What is CET RF ?

Capacitive Electric Transfer ( CET)is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred " bycapacity
"(principleof the electrical capacitor )to the patient's body via a moveable external application electrode .This is covered with an insulating film which acts as dielectric and the body acts as second plate of the capacitor .A return plate closes the circuit .The electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues increases its temperature .

What is RET RF ?

The Resistive Electrical Transfer (RET),introduced in 1994 ,is different from the CET in that basically the application electrode is not insulated ,allowing the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion ,thus obtaining an increase in temperature at a greater depth .











1 .Promoteblood circulation and improve metabolism and immunity

2 .Regulate endocrine ,improve sleep ,relieve fatigue

3 Relievesand heals various parts of the body ,such as cervical spondylosis ,lumbar spondylosis ,frozen shoulder ,etc .

4 .Facial lift ,improve skin tone and slow down facial aging

5 .Improvebody size ,reduce visceral excess fat ,slimming and shaping

6 Restorenormal five senses by relaxing muscles and cells

7 .Helpswith early recovery of ligament sprains ,muscle strains ,muscle damage ,and exercise

8 .Solve the symptoms of body cold ,low basal metabolism ,cold hands and feet ,etc .







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