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Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock

Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock

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Model Number: Yoga Silk

Material: Nylon

Load Capacity: 400kg/881.85lbs

Product Size: 2.8X2.8m

Gross Weight: 5kg/7.28lbs



Aerial Silk Yoga Swing Hammock 3 Yard Trapeze Antigravity Pilates Kit 2.8m×2.8m


With a Maximum Load-bearing Capacity of 400kg, the Aerial Yoga Set Has a Good Bearing Capacity and Is More Stable When Used. the Aerial Yoga Set Is Complete and Professional with a Fixed Tray, a Bullhorn Hook, a Swivel Buckle, a Daisy Chain, Hooks, and Expansion Screws. the Hammock Fabric Made of Nylon Is Breathable with a Thin Texture. Meanwhile, It Has Good Resilience. the Aerial Yoga Set Can Be Used for the Ceiling, Beam, Steel Pipe Both Indoors and Outdoor. It Can Help to Improve Your Flexibility, Balance, and Core Strength. 

Package Included

1* Hammock Fabric
1* Fixed Tray
1* Bullhorn Hook
1* Swivel Buckle
1* Daisy Chain
2* Hooks
4* Expansion Screws


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