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Ankle Resistance Bands with Cuffs

Ankle Resistance Bands with Cuffs

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Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Waist & Abdomen Exercise

Department Name: MEN

Application: 8 Word Chest Developer

Model Number: Ankle Resistance Bands with Cuffs

Function: Legs


Bullet Points:
1.Optional 20/30/40/50 Lbs Resistance Levels: Enhance abdominal muscles in just 15 minutes daily with optional 20/30/40/50lbs resistance levels using ankle resistance bands with cuffs perfect for diverse users.
2.Integrated Design: Maximize your workouts with our ankle resistance bands with cuffs, perfect for ankle exercises, jumping, and speed training. Multifunctional and versatile, these bands bring you health and beauty by enhancing lower body strength and hip stability.
3.Advanced Comfort: Our ankle resistance bands with cuffs feature anti-slip dual D-rings and neoprene material for comfort and safety during workouts. Securely and comfortably achieve your fitness goals with our ankle bands.
4.Suitable for Lovers of Workout: Achieve great leg strength and a sexy butt with our ankle resistance bands with cuffs! Tailored for soccer, basketball, or football players, as well as workout and body-shaping enthusiasts, our bands ensure optimal results in less time.
5.Extensive Use: Experience improved lower body workouts with our ankle resistance bands featuring cuffs. They are versatile for use in gym, home, school, hotel, and offices, providing gym-grade equipment in a convenient and portable package.
Strengthen your legs and bring health and beauty to your routine with our resistance band and ankle strap set. Choose from 20/30/40/50 lbs resistance levels to customize your workout. The anti-slip design ensures safety during use.

Name: Ankle bands resistance
Weight: Yellow: about 20 lbs, Red: about 30 lbs, Green: about 40 lbs, Black: about 50 lbs
Material: natural rubber
Size: As shown in the pic

Packing List:
1 pc*Ankle bands resistance

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