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All-in-One Standard Weight Bench

All-in-One Standard Weight Bench

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Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Waist

Training Site: ARMS

Training Site: Legs

Training Site: Waist & Abdomen Exercise

Training Site: Hand

Origin: US(Origin)


  • 【Solid and Stable】Constructed with premium tubular steel and widened feet base, FLYBIRD weight bench is built to last and solid enough to load 900 lbs. It features more reliable adjustment and locking mechanism. The adjustable cross bar combined with grooves and locking bolt provides extra support. You can place plates on weight storage posts to increase additional stability.
  • 【All-in-One】Get 4 functional equipment in 1 FLYBIRD workout bench. What you get is not only a weight bench, but also a barbell rack, a preacher curl bench, and a leg developer machine. The solid and compact design makes it an all-round bench. Ideal for the beginners and intermediate lifters looking to build strength and improve fitness at home.
  • 【Excellent Adjustability】This weight bench set offers a 8-position backrest that you can easily adjust to incline, flat and decline positions. The barbell rack and preacher curl pad can be both adjusted to 5 heights. So you can perform a variety of exercises to fully work out your legs, back, chest, abs, shoulders and arms with FLYBIRD standard weight bench.
  • 【Dual-function Leg Developer】220 lbs weight capacity on the leg developer. While doing leg extension and lying leg curl, you can get a full range of motion. Effectively exercise your hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. Besides, you can lock the leg developer for abdominal exercise to build core strength.
  • 【Functional Preacher Curl Pad】Preacher curl brings multiple benefits you might not find in conventional bicep curl. It facilitates proper posture and avoids cheating while performing arm workouts. Using the adjustable pad can force you into negative movement, which improves strength and muscles growth more efficiently. When not in use, you can remove the preacher attachment.
  • 【Comfortable Padding and Foam】We have sewn the cushion a stronger double-stitched seam on the edge to better keep it from fraying. The thick foam roller pads and cushion are firm and soft to deliver maximum comfortable support. With it's great adjustability and suitable height, it fits all different types of body shapes.
  • 【Easy Assembly and Clear Instructions】The bench press set comes with all required tools and parts. With all bolts and nuts are well sorted and labeled, it can be assembled with ease. FLYBIRD design and manufacture quality products at reasonable prices. We are committed to providing the best service for our customers.

FLYBIRD Standard Weight Bench

Product Description

8 Backrest Positions

This set offers a 8-position back that you can easily adjust to incline, flat and decline positions

5 Heights Adjustable

The barbell rack can be adjusted to 5 heights to accommodate all levels of exercises needs

5 Heights Adjustable

The height adjustable preacher curl pad helps position your upper arms and chest against the pad


1 8-postion backrest 2 5-height rack 3 5-height pad



The bench press targets chest, triceps, and shoulders. It builds strength as well as encouraging the growth of these muscle groups. FLYBIRD Weight Bench features its great adjustability of 8 backrest positions. You can choose an appropriate positions to better meet your fitness levels and goals.


Preacher curl brings multiple benefits that you might not find in conventional bicep curl. It is necessary to keep a good form and avoid cheating while performing arm workouts. Using the pad can force you into negative movement, which improves strength and muscles growth.


The leg extension is an excellent movement for strengthening your quadriceps, the large muscles of the front of the thigh. Different from squat, this is an"open-chain kinetic"exercise. Building your quads can increase the force of kicking movements, which can be beneficial in sports performance.


Leg curls target hamstrings and calf muscles. The leg developer moves smoothly and you can get a full range of motion. When lowering feet back down, your buttocks, quadriceps, and front of the shins are activated too. Strong hamstrings are essential for overall strength, balance, and stamina.


High-density foam padding with a stronger double-stitched seam supports your body and reduces muscle fatigue.


The soft foam roller pads stay on well to support your knees and ankles while performing sit-ups or other leg exercises.


220 lbs max weight capacity. There is a plastic buffer to keep metal from grinding at the joint. The locking mechanism allows you to do ab exercises.


You can place plates on the 1-inch weight storage posts to increase stability and avoid cluttering your workout space. 3 spring clip collars included.


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